revolutionary reflections | Towards a Socialist Health Service

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Feb 25 2017

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The crisis in the NHS has never been greater and resistance is taking new forms as we have seen with the Junior Doctors and Student Nurses. In this piece Mike Downham reflects on his experience as a paediatric doctor in Newcastle in the 1970s to explore what a socialist health service might look like.

riverside-hp-2 Riverside Child Health Project


I would like to register my gratitude to all the patients who have shared their experiences with me over the past 50 years. The ideas put forward in this paper belong to them – the names I have given to some of them do not.


There is wide agreement on the left about the urgency of defending the NHS against austerity politics and market-led delivery. But there is little or no discussion about what a socialist health service would look like. Yet surely, on all the fronts of revolutionary struggle…

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